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Bring me more Smurfs..... David Deans FTW

I’m going to stray a little from our usual content to try and share a laugh via storytime in this weird as world...

My family and I had planned a trip to Canberra, COVID means nothing is open or everything is booked anywhere you try to visit.  We haven’t been away since Christmas, and I’ve worked solid through COVID while my husband has been on stand down. Thumbs up from everyone on Canberra COVID travel wise.  Being ridiculously excited to escape, I embark on a shopping journey to get a good de-brassing treatment for my fake blonde/orange locks. I like to do my hair for trips. It’s just a thing I do.


Looks like blue liquid mercury in my hands, ok, right, so I’ve washed the product through my hair, look down and I’m blue! Like, smurf blue. My hands are blue! The excess splatter has also stained the grout in my shower blue.

Panicking, I reach for my husbands man soap. Nope. Body wash. Nope. Second round body wash. Slight fade. So I decided to accept the fact my hands are stained blue and get on with my routine. Wash face: Refreshing Cleanser.... hands slightly fade. Double cleanse Refreshing... more fade. Moisturising Cleanser with a touch of Bamboo Pearl exfoliate..... gone! Well, except the crevices in my finger nails. Pictured: I think I’m stuck with that for a few more washes yet.

Just thought I give a real life snippet of how I our products save the day, in what is the hilarity that can be my life.

Take care, be safe. Ellie 😊