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Is your product working for you?

Excitingly, we are in the trial and test phase of a new David Deans Skincare product. This entails our team taking home and using the product, our Stockists receiving the product and a few of our most regular clients trial, test and provide feedback too.

Our Compounding Pharmacist, David and our Biotechnologist, Louise have been working alongside Margaret to research, formulate, develop and refine our new product.  This process has taken about 12 months, and our trial and test phase will go for about 6 months.  Some products take much longer to research and formulate, however most products will not get to market in under 18 months.  They will have been trialed by about 100 people before it goes anywhere near a shelf for sale.

So, I have been personally trailing this exciting new product for the last 5 and a bit months.  I document what I think it’s doing or not doing etc. and give feedback continuously.  I felt like the product was lovely, smelt amazing, felt nice and definitely hydrated but didn’t feel like it did too much more. 

Then I went travelling and forgot to take product X with me.  I noticed the difference of not using the product by day 2.  After a week I was seeing a massive difference in how my skin felt and looked.  I couldn’t wait to get home and get back to using it.  

It’s an interesting variation on trialing any product that I think I will start including the take-out method in my testing routine.     

Do you feel like a product isn’t doing much for you? Go a week without using it and see if you notice a substantial difference!

Keep an eye out for this amazing new product coming your way soon.