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A re-post about Cruelty Free Skincare

I recently read an article about a smaller indie makeup brand that I love(d) launching into the Chinese market. This got me thinking about the opportunities that we have had to launch the David Deans Skincare brand into the Chinese market.

For many growing businesses, this is an exciting opportunity to make fast money and build brand exposure. But, did you know that all products sold in China are required to have animal testing conducted?

And while we personally would not have been conducting the animal testing, our products would have absolutely been tested on animals.

Now, our products would cause no harm to animals in any way shape or form - that's why we test on humans.... But, it was a no-no for the team at David Deans Skincare.

Why don't we have the Cruelty Free logo on our products? Honestly, it costs a bomb and we would rather spend the money on product development.

Cruelty Free is an important factor for David Deans Skincare owners, staff and of course, for us as a brand. We also ensure that any of our ingredient suppliers are also Cruelty Free.

David Deans Skincare has a number of founding principles; that I am proud to say, regardless of what was on offer have not been compromised – staying Cruelty Free is one of them.

It’s something that matters to us. Always.

Are your favourite products on animal testing the list?

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