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The Importance of Valuing Your Skin Health

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

I had Rosacea and lots of deep furrows, I ended up with toned, firm skin and a visible reduction of facial lines. I recently started thinking ...

I recently started thinking about my skin’s health – I have never considered spending money on myself, except for necessities. At the age of 55, I am still the sole income earner for my family but decided I needed to seriously look at my skin care. In researching many, many products on line, I found David Deans to be the best and ticked all the boxes I was looking for – natural, Australian made etc. so I decided to book in a facial to check out the products. And am I glad I did!! The pampering began with the Refreshing cleanser, followed by Walnut Pearl Scrub, and again Refreshing Cleanser. Then the big guns were brought out with a 5% Glycolic mask and a microdermabrasion. This really helped to buff off dead skin cells to allow my new skin to shine through. I often have puffy eyes, so the Bright Eyes eye cream was used and really reduced the swelling around my eyes.

The Soul, rich in Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid was then applied to deeply nourish my now exfoliated skin, to reach right down to activate new skin growth and cell renewal. Finally a Colloidal Relief Mask treatment was left on my face and décolletage for ten minutes while I was given the most marvellous massage, finished off with a light spray of Refreshing Toner – which helps the products go even deeper into the skin. I only know all of the above because my Beauty Therapist explained everything as we went along, which I found very professional, informative and reassuring. I went into the salon with bright red Rosacea and lots of deep furrows, I came out with calmed, toned and firm feeling skin and a visible reduction of my facial lines. I couldn’t believe the difference. And am enjoying how these products keep my skin feeling plumped and fresh. What I learnt is that I deserve to feel a million dollars and it is sooooo worth caring for my skin – for me!! I will be back, sooner rather than later. Thanks David Deans

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