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Product News: Anti-Oxidant Oatmeal Mask Reformulation

Product News: After live trialling a reformulation of our Anti-Oxidant Oatmeal Mask with selected stockists over the past 6 months, we found that the thicker viscosity of this updated formula proved to reduce redness by a noticeable amount in a reduced treatment time.

We understand that you know and love this product in its existing form, however the benefits from the update are notable. There has been no change to the ingredients, just a reformulation of the existing ingredients resulting in a “thicker” product, which sits more noticeably on the skin.

The thicker formulation means that the Colloidal Oatmeal helps break down the chain reactions that cause inflammation, helping to stop ongoing problems at the start, more quickly. Inflammation that can be eased with the Anti-Oxidant Oatmeal Mask can include rosacea, acne, eczema and general irritations.

The Anti-Oxidant Oatmeal Mask remains an incredibly soothing and naturally healing mask that with the help of Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil, this one-two punch knockout for inflammation and redness, balancing out your skins acidity and hydration, reducing redness and leaving your skin fresh and calm.

We recommend the Anti-Oxidant Oatmeal Mask for use on ALL Skin Types.

DD Top Tip: Keep refrigerated for an extra cooling effect. Great for sunburns to cool the skin down.

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