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Refreshing Cleanser

  • $59.00
  • Our Refreshing Cleanser is the perfect platform to kick start your skin care routine. It is a beautiful blend of citric ingredients, without any harsh soap factors. This foaming cleanser is designed to remove excess oil without dehydrating by balancing the pH of your skin while leaving it clean and refreshed.
  • Category: ,Apricot Kernel Good for dry sensitive and inflamed skin. High concentrations of pro-vitamin A. No greasy residue.,,Jojoba Oil Its composition is very similar to sebum it’s partially porous layer allows skin (trans-epidermal) respiration and moisture control (a good moisturiser). If applied to the skin it is thought to prevent the over production of sebum (acne) leaving a velvety soft skin. Jojoba Oil also have powerful anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties to further protect skin and heal problematic skin conditions. It has also been successful in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.,
Refreshing Cleanser
Refreshing CleanserRefreshing CleanserRefreshing CleanserRefreshing Cleanser

Product Description

Especially formulated to gently dissolve excess layers of your skins’ natural oils, make-up, sunscreen and any impurities from Australian urban pollution that can accumulate throughout the day. Refreshing Cleanser maintains a balanced pH level as it soothes and calms, opens clogged pores and then enhances uniform make-up application.

Refreshing Cleanser contains:

Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oiland Apricot Oil for adding anti-bacterial and soothing properties, ensuring a soft, cleansed and refreshed complexion; and Natural Vitamin E and Kakadu Plum Extract for adding protective anti-oxidants.
How to get the best results:

Pump once on wet hands, then gently massage the face and neck in an upward circular motion. Rinse well with warm water and repeat the process, before continuing with the next product in your David Deans skin care routine.

Learn more about the product ingredients we use.

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