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Men's Magnetica Refreshing Cleanser

  • $59.00
  • Mens Magnetica Cleanser is a soap-free foaming cleanser which is a gentle formulation that can help you achieve a super-close, pain-free shave. This Cleanser will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean by balancing the pH and removing excess oil.
  • Category: ,Kakadu Plum One of the highest natural sources of Vitamin C (50 times more than citrus fruit). This powerful anti-oxidant promotes blood circulation maintains the blood vessel tone and encourages healthy skin renewal by travelling down to the lower epidermis. Some medicinal properties include antibacterial antifungal anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic activities. It also reduces the irritation and appearance of dry skin.,,Jojoba Oil Its composition is very similar to sebum it’s partially porous layer allows skin (trans-epidermal) respiration and moisture control (a good moisturiser). If applied to the skin it is thought to prevent the over production of sebum (acne) leaving a velvety soft skin. Jojoba Oil also have powerful anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties to further protect skin and heal problematic skin conditions. It has also been successful in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.,
Men's Magnetica Refreshing Cleanser
Men's Magnetica Refreshing CleanserMen's Magnetica Refreshing CleanserMen's Magnetica Refreshing CleanserMen's Magnetica Refreshing Cleanser

Product Description

Formulated to leave men’s skin feeling fresh and thoroughly cleansed. Highly effective in balancing your pH levels and removing any build up of grime, oil and Australian climate pollutants without drying or irritating your skin.

Magnetica Refreshing Cleanser contains a cocktail of powerful antioxidants and natural anti-bacterial agents in the form of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and the legendary Kakadu Plum.

How to get the best results:

Pump once on wet hands, then gently massage your face and neck in an upward circular motion. Rinse clean. Use morning and night.

Learn more about the product ingredients we use.

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