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What is Ageing + Mature Skin  


Ageing and mature skin is one that needs very little explanation.  Unfortunately as we age, so does our skin.  Our skin is in the power of various forces as we age including UV exposure, sun damage, weather and personal habits.


How your skin ages will be determined by a number of influences. Genetics plays a large factor, along with lifestyle, diet and personal habits such as smoking. Smoking produces free radicals.  Initially healthy oxygen molecules become unstable disorderly.  Free radicals damage healthy cells, which causes amongst other things premature wrinkles.

Other influences that contribute to wrinkles and spotted skin include general ageing, photo-ageing (sun exposure), pollution stress, gravity, daily facial movements and even sleep position. 

There are many steps we can take, including a great skincare regime to help skin remain supple and fresh. 


Myths about Ageing + Mature Skin


You can get rid of wrinkles!

You can’t.  Once a wrinkle has appeared, it’s there for good.  But, you CAN lessen the appearance of the wrinkle.


You don’t need sunscreen on an overcast or cloudy day?

UV Rays are present all year-round, and passes through clouds (and glass). UV exposure drives collagen and elastin breakdown. So the need of protection 365 days a year if we want to help reduce further skin ageing. 


Laser Treatments can get rid of any form of ageing?

Lasers are a hugely broad category – there is one for most anti-ageing concerns relating to skin (acne, redness, brown spots, wrinkles) etc. But one thing they won’t do is re-volumize the face.


Once the signs of ageing have started to show, it's too late to change it

We can always improve things – the skin has fantastic powers of recovery, provided the right skincare routine and treatments are utilised. 


Diet has nothing to do with the rate at which our skin ages

Foods with a high glycaemic index like white bread, pasta and potatoes cause the formation of AGEPs (Advanced Glycation End Products), because they are quickly converted to sugar in the bloodstream. We know that the formation of AGEPs are associated with collagen and elastin becoming stiff and less springy, which we see clinically as sagging skin. 


Solutions for Mature + Ageing Skin


-        Hydrates and nourishes while cleansing with antioxidants that stimulate collagen


The Moisturising Cleanser is a hydrating cleanser which gently cleanses your skin while not washing away or causing and disruption to the skins natural defence (barrier function).  This is important in any skin care routine as disrupting the skins natural defence can lead to multiply skin concerns.


The Moisturising Cleanser also contains sebum like ingredients of Jojoba Oil which behaves like an emollient and forms a protective layer to aid in your skins natural defence.  The cleanser also contains Kakadu Plum, Macadamia and Vitamin E which all provide a plentiful supply of antioxidants, which are essential to the anti-ageing as antioxidants prevent free radical damage to cell structures and collagen.


-        Stimulates cellular renewal

The Bamboo Pearl Exfoliator is a gentle exfoliator which encourages the natural process of desquamation (cell turnover). This natural process of cell turnover is the shedding of the dead cell build up, and this allows the replacement of these cells with younger and revitalised cells. As we age unfortunately this natural process slows down and leads to a greater build-up of dead skin cells on your outer most layer of the skin, leading to dullness and can exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles.  The Bamboo Pearl softly removes the dead cells and kick starts the natural process and allows for the greater penetration of ingredients to follow.


-        Improves skin elasticity and revitalises skin texture


The Brightening Mask contains Glycolic Acid which has been shown in many cases to aid in appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dullness.


The Glycolic Acid aids in fine lines and wrinkles as it increases the cell turnover on the outer most layers of your skin, which allows for old cells to be shed off and then be replaced with younger revitalised cells. This is a natural process called desquamation which can slow down mainly due to age and Glycolic Acid has shown to increase the desquamation process.  It is important to remove the excess build-up of dead cells as it can increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Glycolic Acid has also shown to brighten the appearance of the skin due to the removal of old cells.

-        Super hydrating, nourishing and repairing 


The Deep Moisturiser Mask is a super hydrating mask full of antioxidants, Vitamins and cell renewal properties. The mask contains a nourishing amount of oils with Macadamia Oil, Almond Oil, Rosehip Oil, Avocado Oil and most importantly sea buckthorn oil and its healing properties.


The plentiful supply of antioxidants are essential to anti-ageing, as antioxidants neutralise free radicals. Free radicals have the potential to damage cells and the extracellular matrix including collagen and elastin. The damage has been linked to premature aging and fine line and wrinkle formation. The addition of antioxidants in ingredients with strong concentrations is an excellent antiaging addition.

-        Brighten and refines skin tone


The soul 20% Vitamin C contains the purest and most active form of Vitamin C called Ascorbic Acid. And the Soul 20% Vitamin C serum is the best way and most stable way to transfer the benefits of Vitamin C into the skin.


The application of The Soul 20% Vitamin C serum should start at the earliest age possible and is also never too late to start, for reducing premature aging.  This is because Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant for protection against free radical damage, natural tyrosine inhibitor for the brightening of the skin (hyperpigmentation) and an essential part of collagen formation. 


Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is a key component in the collagen synthesis and when is not present strong collagen fibres (helix structures of collagen bundles) cannot form properly. It is imperative to apply topical Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid as an insurance policy to ensure that enough Vitamin C is being delivered to the skin on the face for collagen production, as collagen production and stability is an essential step in antiaging.


The Vitamin C also provides enormous antioxidant capabilities, which if antioxidants are not present free radicals can damage cells and collagen and elastin fibres and lead to premature aging. It is extremely important in the Australian environment to have a potent antioxidant like Vitamin C to neutralise free radicals and their premature aging consequences.


-        Energises cell membranes, protects and promotes collagen production

The Mystique Serum is an oil base serum which works with the skin on the cell membranes and fatty acid extra cellular matrix. The formulation contains CoQ10 (co- enzyme Q10), Vitamin E, Rose Hip, Jojoba Oil and almond oil.  The formulation is design for anti aging and dry skin because it provides oils for moisturisation, barrier protection, antioxidant capabilities and for fine lines and wrinkles.


The active ingredient in the CoQ10 is a super antioxidant of the oil nature (hydrophobic) that’s works within the cell membranes to neutralise free radicals and protect the vital molecules form oxidation. The CoQ10 also has cell energising capabilities which are complemented by the membrane protectiveness, and this produces an age defying serum.



-        Hydrates, plumps and firms the skin


The topical benefits of Hyaluronic Acid are well documented by researchers and supported by dermatologists. Primarily why Hyaluronic Acid is s accepted is because of its unique water binding capacity of 1000 times its weight in water which is not seen in any biological substance, for direct hydration into the skin. The Hyaluronic Acid hydration properties also function in maintaining the hydration of the collagen structures and therefore maintaining the elasticity of the collagen.


As we age the production of Hyaluronic Acid naturally produced by our skin cells is dramatically decreased and this can exaggerate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  However Hyaluronic Acid has been shown topically to hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

-        Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and discourages future appearance 


The Enhance Eye Repair is a two step bioactive anti-aging tool against fine lines and wrinkles. The enhance eye activates collagen and a wrinkle relaxant.


The enhance eye’s collagen activation is due to the tripeptide 5 complex.  The tripeptide 5 mimics a sequence in the protein TSP-1. This is so significant in collagen and elastin synthesis as TSP-1 has been shown to activate the growth factor TGF- B, which in turns activates the production of collagen.  Therefore tripeptide 5 activates collagen production essential in any anti-aging routine.


The Enhance Eye Repair also contains the peptide Argireline which acts as a wrinkle relaxant. The Argireline temporarily destabilises the SNARE complex limiting communication and results in a muscle relaxation, this is significant as it relaxes the appearance of wrinkles in trick areas like around the eyes.

-        Stimulates collagen production


The Daily Essence Moisturiser is a hydrating and anti-ageing moisturiser with Hyaluronic Acid and its unmatched hydration properties of binding a 1000 times its weight in water for direct hydration into the skin. 


The Daily Essence Moisturiser also contains the collagen and elastin activator in the tripeptide 5. The tripeptide 5 mimics the protein TSP-1 which has been shown to activate the growth factor TGF-B, which in turns activates collagen production.  Collagen activation is essential in anti-aging as our collagen production is decreased as we age and this can result in an increase in the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.


The moisturiser also contains antioxidants in Kakadu plum, Vitamin E, Green Tea and Beta Glucan. The antioxidant content provides the skin with protection from the free radicals damaging to both the skin cells and their surrounding structures which can lead to premature aging.



-        Rejuvenates skin cells and is nourishing yet light weight

Silk and Velvet Night Cream is formulated to regenerate and repair your skin while you sleep, in other words up the amp of your anti-ageing routine. Unlike a day moisturiser it does not contain ingredients to protect you from the environment. Thus it has more room for primarily focus on increasing cell turn over to help firm, lift and diminishing age spots, fine lines and wrinkles and hydration.


This is achieved through the Vitamins A, C, E and Beta Glucan for cell renewal and antioxidant properties to stop free radical damage to the cells and collagen. Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and almond oil, Macadamia Oil and avocado oil to replace the oil in the skin for maintaining barrier protection.

The Silk and Velvet Night Cream also contains silk peptide has been shown to moisturisers by acting like a sponge and delivering moisture into the skin and with that adding to the skins barrier function. The silk fibres make a light weight breathable film on the surface of the skin creating protection from the elements.



-        Support and energize skin cells and increases collagen and elastin production



Fine lines and wrinkles can be over expressed in their appearance when hydration is lacking and that is why the Vitamin Rich Repair utilises Hyaluronic Acid because of its unique capacity to retain moisture within the skin.  


Collagen is a main component of the skin and gives structure and stability, however as we age our collagen production is decreased.  The anti-aging moisturisers must contain biologically active ingredients to target and increase collagen production for anti-aging purposes. The Vitamin Rich Repair contains such an ingredient in Tripeptide 5.  The Tripeptide 5 has been shown to target the growth factor TGF-B which initiates collagen production.


The Vitamin Rich Repair Moisturiser also has the active ingredient of CoQ10 (Co-Enzyme Q10) which is a super antioxidant of the oil nature (hydrophobic) that’s works within the cell membranes to neutralise free radicals and protect the vital molecules form oxidation. The CoQ10 has shown potential for cell energising capabilities and the reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These qualities in an ingredient make it a must have for any anti- ageing routine.


-        To tighten, refine and firm the skin

The Skin Firming Moisturiser is a biologically active moisturiser with two peptides to target fine lines and wrinkles and the skin tightening algae extract.


The Skin Firming Moisturiser targets the production of collagen, which as we age decreases rapidly and leads to the skin becoming less firm and structured and can result in skin sagging and wrinkles.  The Tripeptide 5 within the Skin firming targets the growth factor TGF-B which activates the collagen production.


The Skin Firming Moisturiser also contains the peptide Argireline which acts as a wrinkle relaxant by temporarily disrupting the signals to facial muscles and causing a wrinkle relaxation. This ingredient has been shown to be safe and effect with research finds claiming a 30% decreasing in the appearance of wrinkles.

Skin Firming Moisturiser also contains the skin tightening algae extract for the tightening of the skin and antioxidant protection. The skin firming also contains Vitamin B5, Beta Glucan, Vitamin E for antioxidant protection from free radical damage and cell renewal and revitalisation. The Skin Firming Moisturiser is a biologically active antiaging weapon to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to also firm the skin on regular use.

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