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This highly concentrated oil-based anti-oxidant moisturiser contains a blend of eight essential ingredients designed to energise, stabilise and protect dry, dehydrated and mature skin.

Mystique Serum moisturiser contains:

- CoEnzymeQ10 for reducing superficial fine lines and wrinkles;
- Rose Hip Oil’s natural vitamin C & A concentrates for help in diminishing scars and promoting cellular healing – and as a natural fatty acid strengthening capillaries and connective tissue;
- Vitamins A & E for promoting cell renewal; and
- Macadamia, Soya Bean and Sweet Almond for rehydrating your skin

How to get the best results

Apply one pump of Mystique to your fingertips and gently spread over your face, neck & décolletage. For maximum benefits apply to any problem areas such as wrinkles and scars. Use daily, morning and night under your moistures. Otherwise as professionally recommended by your skin therapist.

Mystique Serum

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  • The Mystique Serum provides a mixture of natural botanical nutrients, antioxidants and peptides that are designed to energise, stabilise and protect dry dehydrated skin from the harsh Australian environment. This Serum is a rich, highly concentrated oil-based serum for sensitive and mature skins.

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